The Web2Print View from the USA

Vpress Explore New Web2Print Opportunities in the USA

Vpress has made several trips across the Atlantic to the USA over the last few months to explore Web2Print opportunities. We have attended conferences, added new customers, and are exploring new opportunities in America. Working in this new region has provided us with valuable lessons on how to make your Web2Print solution a success – no matter what market you serve.

Research firm Infotrends notes that there is lot of good news about the growth of Web2Print in America. A recent report surveyed 100 printers, and approximately 50 percent said they either have a Web2Print solution or would be adopting one in the next year. 60 percent of printers who did use Web2Print believed it had improved their sales and profitability.

The Web2Print view in the USA

There is another, less pleasant side to the US Web2Print market. All too often, printers report dissatisfaction with their Web2Print solution.

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For example, many printers state that not enough customers are using their Web2Print site. Printers also said that training was a challenge. They said that both customers and employees didn’t fully understand how to use the solution.

Finally, most printers are using Web2Print for job creation, submission, and file transmission. Many printers have not integrated their Web2Print solution into other parts of their organization.

These trends in the USA and their Web2Print market provide valuable lessons for any printer who has adopted Web2Print solution:

Think big – not just about the technology, but about how that technology solves your customer’s problems. Be clear how about the value your solution brings to your customers and incorporate that value into all your sales and marketing efforts.
Training is Key – A Web2Print solution means new ways of doing business. Be sure that everyone is trained on how to sell, service and operate the new solutions you are offering. And be sure to give your customers the training and support they need to adopt to this new way of doing business.

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Integrate – Your Web2Print solution is a good start, but to realize all the benefits it brings. It needs to “talk” to other solutions like MIS. These types of integrations can greatly improve your efficiency and profitability.

As always, Vpress is happy to talk about opportunities Web2Print can bring to your business. Contact us today for a demonstration.

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