GDPR Compliance Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated with Web2Print

The countdown to the 25th May 2018 when GDPR regulations came into force certainly felt like the Déjà vu of Y2K. When the sky didn’t fall down, many breathed a sigh of relief and carried on as they were.

Now the backlash has begun: some of the world’s largest organisations have come under fire. With potential suits in the tens of millions being filed, GDPR is living up to its promises.

There is work to do to get and stay compliant, and the help is available – there are many good resources out there to help, much from the ICO themselves.

Web2Print software does come under the banner of data processors and we have done a lot of work to make sure we comply with the regulation and continue to.

If you are evaluating whether your Web2Print software provider is meeting the standard, here are some questions you can include in your due diligence.
  • Are you ready for GDPR yourself? 

From the security of the data you hold to the processes that you have in place to hold that data and market to your customers. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Look at yourself, look at your supply chain. Have you done everything you can do to ensure you are ready? The supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

  •  Is your Web2Print provider compliant? 
  1. There will be a number of suppliers that you will need to ask that question about, but this is about Web2Print. If your current provider is not based in this country or even the EEA, it still affects them. If they have not been forthcoming in the run up to the deadline, then contact them and ask them what measures they have put in place to protect your data. Can they prove it? Are you happy with their response?
  2. Ask your provider where is the data they they hold about you and your customers held. Is it secure? Is there a procedure in place in the event of a breach? If the data is being held out of the EEA – is the company complying with GDPR regulation?
  3. Where is your provider’s development being undertaken? What access will the developers have to the system data? Again, if the development is being done outside of the EEA, then what procedures are in place and are they complying with GDPR regulation?
  4. Do you have any customers outside of the UK who you need to communicate updates in privacy policies to? If so, you will need to make sure that you have a fully internationalised system so that you can support your customers as much as possible.

Read our blog about internationalised Web2Print

Your GDPR Web2Print Checklist

This is not an exhaustive checklist by any means. You will with no doubt have your own individual issues and questions which if you are a Vpress customer or considering using our Coreprint Pro solution, then we encourage you to contact us and ask.

If the solution that you are using at the moment is no longer compliant, do not despair – help is at hand. With Vpress, you could be running a GDPR compliant storefront in days from as little as €1,000. Key functionality includes:

  1. B2B and/or B2C
  2. Easy to build & manage templates (with training)
  3. Internationalised solutions (Welsh/Chinese/French etc.)
  4. MIS integration
  5. Instant pricing
  6. DAM – Digital Asset Management
  7. VDP – Variable Data Printing
  8. Spend Management
  9. Supports Large Format / Social Media
  10. UK Developed by proven company with 17yrs pedigree
  11. No propitiatory software needed (Flash/Silverlight)
  12. Compatible with any browser
  13.  GDPR Compliant

Infographic: Your 8 point Web2Print supplier checklist

Coreprint Pro is a fully compliant solution and we can help you provide a solution to your customers that meets the directive. Get in touch to book a demonstration and find out more.

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