Why did we create Vdocs?

Vdocs is a module within the Coreprint system that will allow you to expand your offering and meet the increase in demand for virtual documents that sit alongside print. This increase is especially prevalent for business cards. So, our team of developers put their heads together to find a solution.

What is Vdocs?

Vdocs compliments the Coreprint personalised print procurement solution to now offer digital document delivery. Using the combined power of Coreprint and QR (Quick Response) technology you can now generate an additional revenue source by providing your customers with a digital business card that can be delivered to their mobile device anywhere in the world.
Infographic how it works

How does it work?

This solution uses QR code technology to transfer data from one phone to another. Once a Business Card is created on Coreprint and approved it will be instantly delivered to their phone and saved on the home screen for ease of use.
When opened, a branded Business Card will appear including an additional QR code that contains all the relevant contact data. These contact details can be easily shared with any recipient by allowing them to use the camera on their phone to read the QR code. All the relevant contact details will be transferred and saved directly onto their phone contacts.
No apps, no plugins, it all uses native browser technologies.

What Vdocs can do for you?

Customer Loyalty

Tie customers into your Web2Print procurement solution
Offering the most innovative services and being available 24/7 365 a year will make you their preferred partner for any printed services

Expand Offering

Offer digital solutions alongside your printed versions
Give your customers more options to choose from and meet their changing needs

Increase Revenue Streams

Add a new revenue stream to your business
Compliment your existing print revenue with digital versions

What is in it for your customers?

Brand Control

Complete brand control
Making sure the brand is represented following your brand guidelines – every time/everywhere. With Vdocs they will have full control over their branded Business Cards worldwide.


Platform operates globally
Making it a perfect solution for large corporates

Green Solution

Reduce emissions
Not only in the production of the business card but also reducing the emissions involved in distribution which could be worldwide


  • No need to remember to bring business cards – One thing no one forgets when they leave their house is their phone
  • Easy to manage – If a person leaves the company, you just turn their card off. If a person changes job role or phone number, you just change it on the system, and it will automatically update the virtual business card.
  • No app download required – This is important for corporates to adopt the system as
  • Share contact details with ease on Teams/Zoom meetings – A new solution for a modern hybrid way of working. Alternatives in the market need an app download

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