Welcome to the Vpress Referral Programme!

Want to help your peers achieve their full online potential? Today is your lucky day!

We have created a referral programme to expand the Vpress family. Not only will you be helping them get what we believe to be the best Web2print system on the planet, but you will both get extra rewards as part of the Vpress family.

If your ‘friend’ purchases our system, you will get a £100 Amazon voucher. This will be a digital Amazon gift card and the code will be sent directly to your email.

Our new friend in common will get a 30% reduction in their setup costs.

How to redeem?

Just follow these simple steps to get your prizes:

1.Give the referral code ‘RAFV’ to your friend as well as your work email and company name

2.They can book a demo by going to our website (Request a Demonstration – Vpress) and adding the code and your email/company name to the comments section

3.Or they can simply email one of our team members on [email protected]

4.They purchase our system

5.You both get your rewards


We hope to be sharing gifts with the Vpress family soon!

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