How Web2Print automation can open doors to new industries

Arcadia Rose identified a gap in the market while engaging with funeral directors and the general public – the absence of a convenient platform for individuals to effortlessly create and order service documents such as order of service, sympathy books, and memorial boards from the comfort of their homes. Their vision was to establish a website offering templated products that not only simplified the creation and ordering process but also provided aesthetically pleasing options for commemorating life.

Finding a solution

In their pursuit to create a Moonpig-style website, Arcadia Rose faced the challenge of finding the right partners and software to build templates and automation. After evaluating several Web2Print providers, Vpress was chosen as the preferred partner due to its user-friendly UI, distinguishing itself from competitors with cumbersome navigation. The primary objective was to create a seamless user experience, ensuring easy navigation and template customisation.

The critical challenge lay in generating templated artwork and automation for the website, allowing for the creation of print-ready files for various service documents. Importantly, the system needed the capability to cross-sell products. Vpress needed to develop a solution where input for one product, such as the order of service, could automatically generate artwork and details for related products like sympathy books, providing users with a cohesive and efficient ordering experience.

The implementation process was intricate, involving the creation of numerous templates with personalised fields. Vpress’s support team met the challenge head-on, developing editable templates and seamlessly integrating them into the existing website. The result was a website that surpassed expectations, boasting an exceptional user interface and the promised functionalities.

The website, which will soon be launched, incorporates an innovative and user-friendly design. Users can easily navigate the platform, customise templates, and effortlessly order a variety of service documents. The automation developed by Vpress ensures that once details are provided for one product, the system generates corresponding artwork for related products, simplifying the ordering process and providing a cohesive look for memorial services.

Achieving our goals

Thanks to Vpress’s expertise, (Arcadia Rose) is poised to revolutionise the way individuals prepare and order service documents. The collaboration has not only addressed the initial market gap but has also elevated the user experience, making the website an essential tool for those seeking to commemorate and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. With the launch imminent, anticipation is high for the positive impact this innovative platform will have on the funeral service industry.

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