Why You Should Stop Selling Web2Print to Your Customers

And what you should start selling instead…

It’s time to stop selling Web2Print to your customers, even though it will save them time and money right now. We will time you why…

We all want to help our customers make savings. The less they are popping paracetamol for those marketing headaches, the more inclined they are to engage with us and make stunning print campaigns.

There are some amazing benefits for your customers if they adopt a Web2Print solution including complete control of their brand and they rightly need to know about it. The person to introduce and teach them all about how Web2Print will help them is you.

So why am I saying stop selling Web2Print to them?

It’s no dastardly plan on our part – we really want you to keep your customers, we want to see your business grow and support you. We have identified four main points as to why selling Web2Print is not working for your customers and four ways to turn that around. So you can stop selling Web2Print to your customers and start selling a tangible solution that makes them want to never leave you!

So the four reasons to stop selling Web2Print …

The customer doesn’t know what Web2Print is

There is some education that is needed amongst the print/creative/marketing/procurement industries as a whole about what Web2Print is… and what it is not! Is it something you mention on your website? Does that page even get any hits? If you have someone who doesn’t know what it’s called, their eyes will glaze over unless you can be incisive while making your point. How are they meant to win buy-in from their colleagues if they can’t explain it themselves?

In its simplest form, it’s an online ordering platform, it is brand management, it is a portal to submit work (that conveniently makes its way to your presses!)

You’re not offering it as a part of your service

You likely have many value added services for your customers, but is an online submission portal offered in there as standard? If you’re offering it as something on the side, that gives people the opportunity to say no. Perhaps this is why you aren’t getting the uptake that you hoped for. Test it. Offer your next new customer an online ordering portal at the next opportunity and see if it catches their interest.

They don’t need it

Okay, that was a joke, of course they do, and they just don’t know it yet! Everyone wants to make their processes run easier, everyone wants to save money, and most importantly make money. So if they know what it is and they have now realised that they need it that must only mean one thing…

You don’t see the point in selling Web2Print when you are in the business of selling print

Selling is hard work. If your sales teams are working towards winning and developing their customers, then maybe looking beyond that seems a little leftfield.  You’re in the business of selling for your business, not someone else’s and we get that. That’s why we support our customers, to help them give the online ordering and brand management experience to their customers. Giving your customer the option of online ordering, inventory control and brand control is a brilliant way to add value to the wonderful work that you are already doing. That’s why you have either bought Web2Print or thinking about it.

At Vpress, we do offer help and assistance with selling Web2Print as a solution to your customers. Ask us for more information about tender preparation and training for your sales team.


Selling Web2Print Like a Sales Superstar

Include it as a standard to your service

Demonstrate it working, show how it can fit seamlessly into their lives. Talk to us about the options of integrating software for your customers like their ERP/CRM and how that will free up hours of time and stress. Being able to introduce something that eases the pain for your customer goes a long way towards tying them in for the long-term.

Book a training day

This is something we find we are doing more and more. It’s not a day learning how to sell as such, but the product knowledge and insight your sales team will get will set them above your competitors as you offer a tailored and modern solution to buy print. Learn more about training days.

Identify what it is they are asking for

Sometimes the customer is asking for Web2Print without saying it. They may ask for an online portal to submit work or Digital Asset Management (DAM). It’s about listening out for those keywords that give you a lightbulb moment that this is the time to talk about it.

Be a part of the solution

The more we talk about Web2Print outside of our industry, the more we can demonstrate to companies and marketing departments the possibilities of print.  Through the technologies that we have we can show the power that print has and secondly to sing it loud and proud that print is here to stay.


As someone who needs to get their customers on board with Web2Print if only to give your margins  some breathing space, it is important to get your customers excited about it. Most people when they are buying something just want it to do the thing – they want to buy the solution to a problem. As someone selling print solutions, you are a key part of your customer’s marketing strategy and by providing an easy and stress free way to manage their online print ordering, there is immediate worth in that.

If you want to keep your existing customers, win new ones and sell more print, we can show you how to do that using Web2Print. Contact us for a no obligation discussion.

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