Vpress Launched in Australia

Vpress says its leading Web2Print online print management solution is most open, robust and scalable service available, made even richer when integrated with the Tharstern MIS. The successful UK-developed Coreprint cloud based online print management solution is now being launched in Australia and New Zealand.

Kelvin Bell, sales director for Vpress UK says: “Coreprint is already integrated with the Tharstern MIS at shared customer sites in the UK and provides an unrivalled, comprehensive end-to-end online print management and production solution. We’re delighted to be working with Tharstern in Australasia to bring services and support to the local market.”

The company says Coreprint is a system for any size of print operation. It doesn’t price itself out of reach for smaller printers, with a modest upfront fee for setup and a pay by usage charge thereafter.

Meet the Australasia team:

In Australasia both the Tharstern and Vpress distributor companies are majority owned by New Zealand company, Mosaic Solutions Group.
Tresta Keegan, managing director of Mosaic says: “The Vpress UK history, its deep knowledge of print and ability to recognise that the attitude of the end user is of paramount importance, it sets both the company and the product apart.”

“The typical profile of an individual buying print is a 28 year old female graduate with no print background, who is tech-savvy and has a high expectation of how easy technology should be. They inherently want to align their professional experiences with a company and product that is synergistic to their own expectations and attitude, but one that is also reflective of their employer’s brand and business objectives. Vpress understand the subtleties of the market and how it is evolving.

“With a unified Coreprint Web2Print and Tharstern MIS workflow, the end user signs off their own artwork at any time of the day or night, sending it straight into the production workflow. This means that variable print products are a commodity however the print room has become an extension of the customer and it’s easier to create stronger ties with them. There is a powerful shared ‘ownership’ of the online solution. System automation means volumes increase, immediate savings are realised, and workforce savings are ongoing.”

How Coreprint can help print companies grow:

Coreprint is a scalable, cloud-based service, compliant with any browser and usable on any device. It provides users with unlimited storefronts, an easy-to-use interface and an open API so it can be integrated to any other system and have a fully customised appearance. Variable or static products managed through Coreprint are not restricted to just printed collateral so the online catalogue of products can be diverse, therefore opening up more opportunities through servicing more transactional requirements on behalf of the customer and being much more than just a print supplier.

Keegan continues: “The Coreprint-Tharstern relationship combines the best of all models as a cloud-based, online ordering SaaS service fully integrated with the Tharstern MIS (which can optionally be hosted in the cloud or installed locally as an enterprise MIS system) automatically creating jobs and pushing them into a production aware workflow.”

This is a system for any size of print operation. It doesn’t price itself out of reach for smaller printers, as there is a modest upfront fee for setup and a pay by usage charge thereafter.

Keegan says: “Vpress have been developing Coreprint for the last 15 years. They are self-subscribed ‘technology problem-solvers’ and their expertise and passion is obvious in the system, the services they provide and simply what people have to say about them. They have an extensive resource of customer case studies which we’re currently reviewing in order to understand their particular approach to a customer brief as well as the ingenious ways they have resolved end-user requirements.”

Keegan says, “We will be working with our customer base to familiarise them with Coreprint, but there is no question we will also continue to integrate Tharstern with other online solutions from alternative vendors. The customer will always drive that decision. Whatever fits their business strategy is what we’re here to support.”


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