HP’s Dscoop USA – we travel across the pond to uncover what’s happening in the US. We found lots of innovative print companies, as well as lots of interesting technology.

As long time supporters of HP’s Dscoop, we were delighted to take part in the US Dscoop. At Vpress we’ve been building our presence in new markets, including the US, so it was great to support our existing customers there, and to talk to some new ones!

We announced that we were the first to provide streamlined integration into HP and Oneflow, a system that helps print companies to provide personlised B2C web-front capability to their customers. This particularly supports the calendar, greeting card and photo book markets.

Dscoop was, as always, very high energy and positive. As well as meeting the HP’s premier user base, we made some great new relationships with some dynamic companies who are looking at becoming Vpress partners. We have to confess, we did come back with aching feet, and tiredness from lack of sleep, but with fun memories of an experience we’ll never forget. See you there next year!

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