Print and Digital Marketing Can Play Nicely Together Using Web2Print

The title isn’t as bold a statement as you would think.

The channels that are open to marketers are vast. Not even twenty years ago, you had only a handful of methods of communicating to customers. A marketing strategy can include a rich buffet of options and solutions.
With those changes in communication and technology, Web2Print has changed along with print. It’s a brave new world of omnichannel, integrated campaigns, personalisation and niche products that your customers are willing to pay top dollar for. The most successful marketers are integrating print that delivers measurable results.

A marketing department can have many different sub departments, all working towards the same goal. What is not so easy is keeping on top of it all branding wise. How can that marketing manager make sure that everyone is pulling in the same stylistic direction? When there are many people working for a brand in offices across the world, you need assurance that anything that leaves the office is true to the brand.

What Has Web2Print Got to Do With Digital Marketing?

More than you might first imagine.

A Web2Print solution can provide support to the Marketing Resource Management platforms that marketers and brands need to stay on top. Vpress have provided this solution to companies, marketers, printers and many more types of organisations for the last 17 years, and this is achieved through software integrations

There is a number of ways that this can be achieved, but Web2Print is an important, but unsung hero of the MarTech revolution, and this is why:

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Web2Print provides template driven design, and if all of your files and images are not all in one place, then that could be a nightmare to keep on top of. With a DAM in place, there isn’t any worry about using the wrong images. The most up to date templates and images are always there, accessible at any time of day. Additionally, you can access from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The other great thing about the DAM is that there is an element of pre-flighting images. If the image is too low in dpi or the wrong aspect ratio, it’s brought to the user’s attention and gives them the opportunity to correct. The time and money saved from not producing sub-standard artwork in the first place or correcting artwork could be substantial.

Whether you are working on designing for print or digital, it is a helpful tool to have to hand that can prevent a number of rookie errors! Don’t underestimate it.

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Integration to ERP/CRM

Larger organisations that are using integrated multichannel campaigns have to work in a way that centralises their processes as well as their purchasing to remain competitive.

Businesses of all sizes are harnessing the power of technology to automate and standardise their administration. This is important in two particular areas: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Coreprint Pro has the ability to integrate into this type of software.

A lot of B2B orders are made through an ERP solution. What’s not to love as the supplier or buyer? – prices have already been negotiated, you select what you want, a PO is generated and you receive the item. Because it’s already been pre-agreed, the vendor gets paid within the invoice terms. By being able to work in this existing process, a supplier is fast able to become a preferred supplier because they are so easy to work with.

The opportunity for error or maverick spend is greatly reduced yet the opportunity to tie your customer in increased. Being able to fit into this sort of process also greatly increases the chance of working with companies of size.

Read our Case Study here about how a round-trip integration into their customers ERP system helped them to tie their customer in.

The CRM is the hub of where customer data is kept and where campaigns are begun, managed and executed. Print doesn’t have to be left on the side-line. Print campaigns can be logged and measured here too – you just have to know how!

Using Web2Print in a Digital Environment

Social Media and Screen Files

This is something that we are seeing our customers do more and more. Social media even for the most traditional of B2B brands can be a little more flexible and easy going. However, you don’t need to break away from the brand completely, which is easy to do when social media managers are trying to be a little less formal.

The content that generates the most response is visual content like videos and images – so why not work on making more of those! 

While videos are time consuming and expensive to make, images can be whipped up in no time through Coreprint Pro with no need to have or know how to use design software! By using the DAM, images are configured to the correct size and DPI. All that’s needed is a quick spell and sense check to make sure the message is on point. It gives marketing teams the ability to be more present and turn work around quickly, allowing them to be as agile as they need to be in a world where the lifespan of a tweet is only 15 minutes.

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Web2Print is an excellent resource for all types of marketer whether they are working in print or digital. Automate your content creation – leave your designers/content creators and managers the time to work on doing creative work. You achieve this through approval workflows and templating designs. In addition, implementing a Digital Asset Management strategy saves admin time and allows a brand to keep its integrity.

Integration into CRM and purchasing systems means that marketing managers can keep track of spend and campaigns simultaneously. For the printer or the print manager, providing a Web2Print solution means that you are an important partner, you’re not just supplying for one channel, you are a part of their overall marketing strategy. It’s the perfect solution to get your customer’s attention and more importantly, their marketing spend.

If you want to utilise the power of the DAM and integration, get in contact and talk to us.

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