3 Reasons Why Web2Print is a Powerful Sales and Retention Tool

When you are providing printing services to your customers, it is easy to focus on just the actual process of printing. While you are showing them the effects that can be created through textured papers and new and radical ink colours, you are demonstrating the power that print has to surprise and amaze.

But did you know that there is a supporting tool in the background, sat there in your Web2Print solution that can seriously help you to win and retain more customers?

We will give you three reasons why you, the printer, should give a DAM about Digital Asset Management.

1. Your Customer Might Not Realise Just How Much They Need It

A lot of the time, no matter what area of work you’re in, people will limp along with inefficient processes until a better way is introduced. Imagine these teams of people that are struggling to recognise what assets are current, permissible to use or even the best quality image. It leaves a lot of margin for error.

Your customer may not see why they would need to adopt a Digital Asset Management strategy until it’s too late. This could be for instance when they experience a backlash for using old out of date, out of licence material. This backlash could be in the form of a poorly performing campaign, negative media attention or even as serious as legal action! The dangers of not having effective Digital Asset Management cannot be overstated.

If you can solve this problem for them by providing DAM functionality, your customer has a shot at being able manage their digital assets in a much more effective and reduced risk way.

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2. You’re Being Proactive and Looking Out for Their Interests

As a supplier, you are likely always looking for a way to add value for your customer without it being too much of a drain on your time and resource – after all, you need to do what you’re in business for.

For many brands and marketeers, if the value isn’t demonstrated, then print continues to be seen as a commodity and undervalued.

With an online personalised customer procurement portal, you can provide many enterprise level services in addition to a DAM. This could include 24/7 stock ordering with live balances, templates based on brand design for both print and social media, RFQ (Request for Quote), product pricing, seamless integration to systems such as MIS/ERP and more. So you’re giving a value-added service that helps you to be your customer’s go-to person for all of their stock, design and print needs whilst tying them into your services.

Providing this level of professional services shows that you understand your customer and what they want and need. For a relatively low cost, you can help your customer firstly solve what we identified above as a big problem. Why would your customer take their business elsewhere when they have to up and move all of their folders, images, documents as well as all of the design templates?

3. It Will Make Your Life Easier

We saved the best for last. When you provide a well-structured DAM to your customer, not only is their user experience improved, but you may even find that the cost to service the customer reduces too.
Let’s say, for example, if artwork is created with the correct, pre-approved images, all on brand, the sign off process is reduced and the likelihood of the work making its way to the presses increases. How many campaigns fall by the wayside because the collateral is languishing in someone’s sign off pile or just waiting for the right images and the initial positive momentum is then lost and then no longer required.

If you can improve or expedite the processes for helping your customers to create good quality and print ready artwork, isn’t this the best result of them all?

So to Conclude…

Customers might not know that they can upload, amend and order online at their convenience, and even if they do know this technology is possible, they may not know it’s called Web2Print. We have seen that story happen time and time again between the customer and the printer once the software is fully implemented and the customer finally commits for the long haul.

The provision of Web2Print for your customer’s campaigns provides a service and user experience beyond anything they may have had before with their printer. Web2Print smooths the creation and purchasing experience that can be undertaken with very little training.

Web2Print not only helps the printer to smooth the print buying and submission process, when all its functionality is fully utilised, it helps the printer to become a key strategic partner to their customer.

As a printer, when you provide a Web2Print platform (like Coreprint) for your customers to create, amend and submit artwork direct to your presses, one of the easiest ways that you can help your customers to use the solution is to make use of the DAM capabilities available to them.

Want to know more about how to help your customers implement a winning DAM strategy using Web2Print – get in touch for a demonstration.

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