The Essential Web2Print Companion for Your Print Sales Team

Manage your quote requests, remove barriers and sell more print.

RFQ – Request for Quote is new and improved functionality for Coreprint Pro users – it has been redeveloped from the ground up to provide a streamlined and user friendly experience to buyers who are usually non-print professionals.

This functionality aims to:

  • Reduce lead times to deliver a quotation to buyers, by highlighting all variables needed to create a quotation at the time of request, keeping all related correspondence in one place.
  • Store all RFQs through Coreprint. With further configuration, should the quotation request become an order, artwork could be submitted to the production workflow upon sign off.
  • Increase the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell by providing a platform for the print buyer to request items/personalisation that is not outlined in the supplier’s Storefront.

RFQ makes Web2Print an essential companion to a print provider’s sales team – removing some of the biggest barriers towards making sales and discovering new business opportunities through speculative requests. It automates much of the sales administration and streamlines the quotation process meaning that the sales team have the time and opportunity to follow up and be more proactive in their sales activity.

To find out more about how RFQ can transform your print sales for the better, contact us to find out more.



RFQ - Request For Quote - Overview

Request For Quote - How It Works