Wow…. What a week!

We couldn’t have predicted it and I don’t think I could begin to sum it up… So, I won’t…

Not wishing to take anything away from what COVID-19 has unleashed on society, I will instead do my best to avoid the ‘woe is me’, the media’s growing doom-mongering and the risk we all face of therapy as a result of this lockdown and news overload addiction… I instead felt it important to concentrate on an overview of the good conversations at the moment.

Of course, the Vpress team can’t help you with the financial impacts of everything at the moment. Of course, we can’t supply you your groceries and toilet rolls, of course, we can’t stop you, your loved ones from contracting this bloody virus, of course, we can’t lift the self-isolations and movement ban. And of course, we can’t decrease what looks like a much longer period of recovery than our government are indicating.

But, we can still help you.

if you have an open mind, a pair of sizable balls and some positivity and endurance… we can help you take on different mindset, something more hopeful, one aimed at seeing beyond now and in anticipation of a recovery, focused on securing existing and in some cases hopefully attracting new business.

For the last couple of weeks, amongst the terribly sad personal and business issues facing everyone, the fears of ‘furloughing’, we are actually seeing a growing number of extremely positive conversations with customers looking for direction and companies either already planning or keen to plan a way to combat and emerge from this. Looking for new ways to engage and encourage customers to take the same approach in combatting the present downturn and work to develop initiatives with the help of the Vpress team …

I obviously can’t list everything we are discussing, nor can I tell specific tails of these opportunities due to ethics and NDA’s, however, what I can do, is offer our team of listening ears, of experienced, knowledgeable minds, of consultative approaches and an unrivalled, in-depth knowledge of opportunities and ROI’s offered through ‘web to print’ and integrations, into websites and up and downstream your customers’ systems, on into your MIS, production workflows and beyond, with innovative and dynamic approaches to more efficiently manage your print or that of your customers, even if you aren’t able to print yourselves for any reason at present….

Vpress are here to help. Not to sell to you, not to take advantage of you at this time, not to spin you tails of how our Coreprint platform works and outperforms its ever-dwindling competitors. Instead, we are simply here to help! No matter what platform, no matter what competitive technology you use, no matter what equipment you use, no matter who your supplier is, no matter what size or type of business you are, no matter where in the world you are.

This is about making available all that has made Vpress and its customers so great over the last 18 years; why over 4,500+ brands use our platform to regularly manage their print and marketing requirements globally. And why over 1,700+ printers regularly use and/or receive and print extremely profitable, integrated jobs via the Coreprint platform and its ever-growing network of users.

It’s about us helping you and helping your business.

So, please get in touch, even if its for a sanity check or to simply find out how we can help.

Tim Cox – Managing Director, Vpress Ltd


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