Vpress Helps Precision Proco Grow their Business

Precision Proco was formed in 2020 when Precision Printing, ProCo and Prime, all long-established, much loved and trusted print companies, came together to create one of the UKs leading commercial and mass customised, print on demand businesses. Serving some of the UKs most recognisable ecommerce and consumer brands, the business operates across 4 production sites in the UK, helping brands connect and grow via automation, collaboration and utilisation.

Understanding Client Needs

Precision Proco received a request from a potential client that was looking for an alternative supplier. The client in question, an accredited provider of positive behaviour management training felt their current supplier was not meeting expectations, but they had not moved away from them due to their bespoke Web2Print site that was in place and had all their products and costing structure integrated into their systems. This presented a huge problem as to move away from their current supplier they would require a new printer to mirror their existing Web2Print site. As James Creed, Account Director at Precision Proco said, “Offering a solution that would mirror their existing site was essential if we wanted to have a chance at closing this deal”. Their bespoke site had a complex pricing structure that included product discounts dependant on quantity, discounts in delivery fees dependant on bulk orders and the ability to select package sizes for the same products with automated pricing. James had been working with Vpress for some time and was confident in their ability to produce a site that would meet this potential client’s needs. With Vpress as a partner and Coreprint as their vehicle they attended the tender. The client was convinced by the Precision Proco/Coreprint offering and now it was all hands on deck to create the site and accommodate their needs in a timely manner.

Grow your Business with the Right Partner

Vpress got a full list of all the necessary development that was needed to set up the new client and have a seamless transition. As usual in these cases they wanted the new site up and running as quickly as possible. Precision Proco had to manage their expectations, as we all know Rome was not built in one day and a 2-month schedule was put in place to achieve the desired outcome. The Vpress development team got to work to create a bespoke solution that would meet the client’s specific requirements. It was not an easy process as some requests required a lot of development within the system. With a looming deadline and a mountain of work, the Vpress Dev team was tested and had to overcome various hurdles but ultimately came out victorious. As James said, “It was great working with Neil (Account Manager) and the support team at Vpress. They were very responsive and always came back within 24 hours”.  The mirror site was delivered on time and the client was delighted with the results. The client and Precision Proco have now entered an agreement to be their supplier for the foreseeable future. “Coreprint was integral to being able to bring this client onboard”, said James at the conclusion of the project and it just goes to show that having the right partners can lead to business growth.

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