Creating Efficiencies With Automation

Our client is a global leader in the provision of critical business support services in complex and highly regulated environments, delivering a range of administrative and office services, including procurement support. With a global reach, they are a leader in specialised outsourcing with highly trained staff and bespoke technology. With thousands of highly trained staff, our partner enables their clients to transform their support models and thrive in a future driven by digitisation and virtualisation.

Understanding Customer Needs

Vpress is always working with its clients on projects that will reduce costs and improve efficiency. So, when one of our largest partners got a request from one of their major clients’ we were pleased to look for a solution that would fit their needs. The request was simple, they had a 400+ page publication they sent out every year to over 600 customers. Due to the size of the publication our partner would need to understand demand before initiating production. Every year they would send out an email to interested parties to gauge demand and estimate number of copies needed. They would then go through all the emails and manually add this to a spreadsheet that they would transfer to the printers. This was not an efficient way to manage this publication and our partner knew a little automation would make this process effortless.

Reducing Manual Labour

Chis, Senior Account Manager worked with our development team to find a solution that would simplify the process. The Vpress development team got to work, and soon after we had a plan in place to be able to reduce the manual labour and automate the whole process saving money and freeing up time to focus on what’s important. A simple change in the emails sent to clients was a life changer. Whereas before the email sent out a form to fill out, now it was a simple link to Coreprint. Our system then took over generating an automated list and integrating it with the existing workflows. Chris said, “It was a fast and easy process” and rated his experience with our development team “9 out of 10” for the services provided. The company in question was able to gauge the interest for their publication, get instant payment and even automate the orders into their existing workflows eliminating the need for human interaction and therefore opening up time for employees to focus on what’s important, growing the business. We have continued to work together to improve customer relationships and reduce manual labour in the never-ending battle to improve efficiencies and grow profits for our partners.

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