DCS & KNP Attract New Customers With Coreprint

The DCS & KNP partnership deliver environmentally sustainable print & mailing solutions alongside digital asset management & virtual print capabilities, to help clients from multi-nationals to local businesses meet their business objectives.

Formed in 2020, with the coming together of two established print businesses – KNP Litho, based in Bury St. Edmunds, and DCS London, based next to London’s ExCeL venue, the combined group enables customers to benefit from the combined operational synergies created.

What Customers Expect

In this day and age having an online portal for your customers is a must have. Customers expect an easy-to-use website where they get instant pricing and can order 24/7. In the print industry this means you need a Web2Print (W2P) solution to grow your business. But not any old system will do. Firstly, you need to understand your customers’ needs and what systems best service those needs. Then you must look at the best prices and secure a partner that will offer a good service.

DCS & KNP were aware they would need a W2P and wanted to find the right partner that would help them on the way. They were looking at incorporating new customers but needed the right tools to attract large companies to sign with them. After a lot of research, they managed to come up with a list of potential W2P providers in the market.

What the Right Solution Can Do for You

Vpress (Coreprint) was finally selected above the competition. This was down to three main reasons. As Mark Aris, Technical Director at DCS & KNP says “We selected Coreprint due to the capabilities of the solution. The fact that Vpress were developing their system more than competitors and their existing integrations into systems like Tharsten were two key drivers to select them. But what tilted the scale in favour of Vpress was the service received during the sale”. They proved they weren’t just going to instal the system and disappear, they wanted to help us grow and were even kind enough to “set up client demos and assist us in sales pitches”.

Once the W2P provider was selected, DCS & KNP were able to attend the tender for larger companies. One of the first customers they onboarded thanks to Coreprint was a large dessert restaurant franchise in the UK with over 50 locations. “They were worried their fast expansion and franchise system was harming their brand as “franchise owners were producing flyers on Microsoft word document and going to the local print shop to get it printed. The artwork was not fitting of their brand, they needed a solution to manage this”. Coreprint was the perfect solution for them as it controlled all their orders/costs for all their franchises. Produced a report to show what items were being purchases, when and who was purchasing them and gave them a clear view of all their print marketing materials. This solution also offered them much needed brand control that would avoid more Microsoft Word incidents in the future. The solution offered to the dessert company was so enticing to them that a deal was made soon after. As Mark Aris says, “It was a very short sales process, we had two meetings and they decided to go ahead”.

Since then, they have managed to secure another 8 large new clients thanks to using the Coreprint system during their sales process. Mark said “we do really use this as a sales tool. What we found is that it’s great to talk to new clients about the system and offer them that solution from the start. This has helped us secure a lot of big clients and is also useful for the sales team to take to their existing clients to offer new products to them”.

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