Vpress are delighted to begin the New Year with the addition of Pavel Frantsouzov to their Development Team as a front-end developer.

Pavel’s introduction means that the Development Team can continue to expand with their plans to keep evolving the look and feel of the Coreprint Aspire interface, meaning a fresh look and improved user experience for the end user as well as the print provider.

Technical Director James Hall says, “We have been searching for a while now to bring in the right person to join our front end development team. As soon as we met Pavel, we knew he was the right fit for both Vpress and our future development direction.

He brings with him a ‘full stack’ technical background, with a particular focus on front end development, with many ideas to both challenge and grow us!

The Coreprint Aspire interface began a full overhaul Q3 2018 and many exciting developments have been both completed and continued to be worked on since then, but with Pavel on board, this process is being both refined and accelerated, allowing us to turn many more ideas into reality.

We have always been customer focused in listening to what both our existing customers and the market in general require, so we are now in a stronger position to be able to respond to these ambitions and deliver even better solutions.”

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