Ambitious Plans Call for a Scalable Web2Print Solution

Carly Press are South-West based printers who have ambitious expansion plans. These ambitions are quickly being realised and they are set to become the largest printer in the region. To achieve and support this growth, they have made significant investments in equipment to ensure that they have the best quality of print in the area. However, they also recognise that in order to be profitable that they needed to change the way that they do things internally and adopt a Web2Print solution that will secure and grow their existing customers but assist in winning new ones.

Choosing the Right Solution for Growth

When Carly Press approached Vpress, they had engaged a number of other vendors, and were deeply invested in making a choice that would be the right long-term option for them. The wrong choice would be expensive and potentially slow down their momentum. They needed a software solution that was going to grow with them, and open further opportunities along the way. They needed to know that there was a clear progression and development with their choice of Web2Print software and know that it matched their future plans. They needed a partner that would support them with ongoing contact, training and feedback for development and integration. The team at Carly Press needed a solution that was powerful, but simple for all stakeholders to use.

The sales team at Vpress worked hard to ensure that Carly Press had all of the data that they needed to make an informed decision about the software that would have a huge impact on their day to day operations. Through demonstrations and meetings, Vpress were able to demonstrate not only the system’s power and technological capability but the right cultural fit that serves to create a productive business relationship. An implementation plan was put in place to provide training for the production team as well as ongoing training for the sales team who would demonstrate the online ordering portal to their customers. At Carly Press, they were assured of Coreprint Pro’s flexibility and scalability. They felt confident that bespoke development and integration that could cover any number of future possibilities.

Customers Taking to Web2Print Technology from the Beginning

Following the purchase of Coreprint Pro, within a few months of implementation, a number of existing customers had already adopted online print ordering. The customers appeared to grab the opportunity with both hands as they felt their needs were being proactively met. They received similar feedback while pitching for new business. The team at Carly Press have fed back that the interest in Web2Print has helped set them apart in their value proposition. This has given them a new confidence to seek new and bigger clients, which is an important part of their continuing growth. Carly Press are now set to dominate the South West by being the leading print provider in the region.

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