How Software Integration Helped cdl

cdl have managed print for some of the world’s largest brands over the past twenty years. They pride themselves on the relationships they hold with their suppliers, knowing this will allow them to give their customers the best experience possible. They appreciate high impact products and memorable campaigns require hard work and good relationships.

Having worked with Vpress for 17 years, using Coreprint Pro has helped them maintain the high standard their clients have come to demand and expect.

When one of their key clients informed cdl they would need to move to their global purchasing platform – SAP Ariba, cdl called Vpress asking if they were able to facilitate this integration.

Getting the Right Fit with Integration

SAP Ariba is cloud-based software that allows their customers to manage their spending and supply chain. It is at the centre of the corporate procurement process. If a supplier is to win new business, or keep their larger customers happy, they need to be able to provide a proven integration. Crucially, there are mutual benefits for the supplier, as all purchases are correctly purchased ordered (signed off) before being placed and automatically paid within a short payment window, resulting in significant reduction in related admin time and an improvement in cash-flow.

The Vpress development team have undertaken a significant number of integration projects for a wide range of corporate procurement applications and therefore understand the needs of all stakeholders in this process. Their experience ensures that projects run smoothly during the setup, testing and go live stages.

cdl had already integrated their own systems with Coreprint and they were very happy with the results. They were already able to reduce staff workload via automated workflows and could see other areas where this could be applied to their customers. A key client needing this integration was a great starting point, and they needed the integration to be completed in a timely fashion with as little downtime as possible. This was easily achieved by the Vpress development team and the integration went live soon after.

Online Procurement Can Tie-in Customers

The client has been able to purchase products from cdl through Coreprint on their own purchasing platform for a number of years now. It has automated the user’s purchasing experience and allowed them to continue working closely with cdl. The integration has been a steady feature of their working relationship with their client for many years now and cdl find Vpress are always proactive about informing them of any updates that may affect this integration and for that, it has run without fault, keeping their client satisfied.

Following the success of this integration, Vpress continues to support cdl with their customers, providing bespoke development where it is needed to ensure they continue to offer the top level of service.

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