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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Reassurance and Update from Vpress

Powerful Personalised Content

We are a global provider of personalisation solutions, allowing users to create, edit and proof orders into any workflow.

Web2Print is not just ordering print online. It provides powerful, personalised content, supporting multimedia marketing campaigns, seamlessly integrating with MIS, workflows and ERP/CRM software. Vpress are a trusted partner for many companies who have grown their business and customer loyalty with our proven solution, Coreprint.

We are the market leaders in Web2Print technology and specialise in making sure that our customers in Print, Office Products and Creative get the most from their technology investment.

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Clients Testimonials

“Being able to switch between users without having to log out, as an administrator; is a brilliant feature & being able to export the products & re-import them with changes saves so much time. The front end of the system is very intuitive & we have hardly experienced any problems from the parks in regards to them having difficulty finding their way around Coreprint. In terms of the administrative side I have found that it suits our needs & whenever I ask Vpress to look into developments, they are more than happy to take it on board & develop changes where possible. The Vpress team are always extremely helpful & their response times are excellent ensuring we have always had a high level of service from the team, particularly our dedicated Account Manager.”

Nicki Carrington

Marketing Communications Manager, Haven

We have been thoroughly impressed with Coreprint ever since its inception. It was fully supported from the get go and continues to be a fully supported application. We cannot recommend enough the system, or the customer service we have experienced. The process of implementation was so smooth, due mostly to the availability of the Support and Development teams, and their flexibility when it comes to further development of the Coreprint solution.

Nick Weston

Managing Director at PRISM

The front end of the system was a real wow for us and we knew it would help win over potential clients and add extra value compared to our competitors.”

Graeme Smith

Director at Cyan Group – www.cyan-group.com