Long Term Web2Print Solutions for a Long Term Customer

Did you know that 72% of corporate buyers make their purchases online (source: Deloitte). It makes sense to serve your customers in a way that they want to and are used to.

Bearing in mind, it is expensive to win new customers in an ever-competitive world, so customer retention is essential for any business. Using a Web2Print solution for online ordering brings the sales/customer conversations beyond the transactional. It opens space to work on the relationship, talk about the possibilities that could arise.

By providing your customer a way of working that complements theirs, it demonstrates the potential to be a key strategic partner. As more businesses introduce and develop procurement strategies, the more value you add as a supplier, the more likely you are to be welcomed into the fold as a ‘preferred or key supplier’.

Here are a few ways you could use Web2Print for customer retention:

  • By providing integration into their purchasing systems – ideally with signed off items making their way directly into your workflow
  • By providing a personalised Storefront that matches their brand with the items they want to order ready and waiting
  • Getting your sales, studio and production team onboard, making sure that they are championing customer use. (Read how training helped Commercial)
  • Streamlining the quotation and order process by adopting our RFQ functionality.
  • Talking to your customer about the features of Web2Print that could make their working lives much easier – for example reporting or storing collateral that is easy to access.

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By keeping your customers integrated with complementary solutions while offering your high level of service will increase your value. Your customers will be delighted with the support and therefore more likely to stay with you long-term.

Get in touch with us to learn about how you can use Web2Print to win and retain customers.