A Comprehensive Web2Print Solution Can Help You to Achieve Maximum Profitability

Where there is a manual process, there is usually an intervention and the opportunity to make real savings and reduce operational costs, especially when Web2Print is involved.

Every time someone ‘touches’ a job, it costs you money. Every intervention, every little change, every email to your customer asking them to resubmit their work will drag on that job a little longer. That is no good when you could be off working on winning new business.  However, there are several ways where you can reduce this cost by automating some procurement and production processes.

Automation doesn’t have to mean a soulless and robotic production site. Many companies find that through process improvements, their profitability and opportunities mean increasing the number of staff. Releasing your experienced and talented members of staff from time-consuming activities such as admin, leaves them to work proactively or dedicate more time to creative or profit earning activities.

By utilising a Web2Print solution such as Coreprint, you could find efficiencies in the following ways

  • Managing RFQ/Proposals/Enquiries through our RFQ functionality
  • Approval workflow
  • Templated design. End users can fill in the details and send to print following approval – no special design software needed.
  • Integrating a payment gateway, so your customers can pay at the time of ordering
  • Variable Data Printing (VDP) so users can avoid manual entry for their campaigns
  • Integration into your MIS, so work ordered can go straight into your production workflow.
  • Pre-flight images for upload using CoreDAM.

Web2Print can lead the way into further integration – and these suggestions are just the beginning. Printers and print service providers will discover with the little things taken care of, they have more time to dedicate to client relationships.

Let us show you just how much time/money you could save by using a Web2Print provider:

table cos W2P costs

As can be seen on the table, a Web2Print solution can reduce the time spent on a job by 84% and the cost of a job by 81%.

Some of our customers have made up to 40% of total production savings using Coreprint – request a demonstration today to find out how you can too.