Elevating Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Vpress at Summit Creative

Summit Creative faced the challenge of finding a Web2Print provider that could not only offer a comprehensive suite of features but also deliver exceptional services and support. Dissatisfied with their previous provider’s lacklustre support, Summit Creative embarked on a search for a partner that could better meet their needs. Vpress emerged as the ideal choice, offering competitive prices, a personalised sales journey, and a commitment to outstanding service. Tina Brown, Director at Summit Creative, emphasised the significance of having a dedicated Account Manager, stating, “One of the most important things Vpress offers. They know our account and how we work.”

Advantages of choosing the right partner

The benefits of Vpress’s stellar support team, dedicated Account Management, and in-house developers quickly became evident. Unlike the delays experienced with other Web2Print providers, Vpress ensured that Summit Creative’s requests were handled swiftly. A notable example was the integration of a new payment gateway into the Summit Creative storefront, a critical need for one of their customers. With Vpress, what might have taken weeks with other providers became a seamless and rapid process. Summit Creative submitted the request, and their dedicated Account Manager facilitated communication with the in-house development team. Within 48 hours, the integration was finalised and operational, enabling Summit Creative to promptly fulfil their customer’s needs. This enabled them to retain their customer and build a great relationship garnering customer loyalty.


Vpress understands that possessing cutting-edge features in a Web2Print system is meaningless without the right support. The success story with Summit Creative underscores this, showcasing Vpress as a partner that not only provides a state-of-the-art Web2Print system but also a dedicated support team. Tina Brown expressed her satisfaction, giving Vpress’s support ‘a 10/10’ rating and highlighting the ‘excellence of the dedicated account manager and marketing support’. At Vpress, we are committed to partnering with our clients for success. Whether through continuous system developments like our new User Interface, seamless integration of various systems (from ERP to CRM), or supporting client acquisition through joint demos, our focus is on helping your company grow. Our dedication to offering the best possible support ensures that we contribute to creating efficiencies and fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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