Web2Print Supports Pandemic Frustration

Two years, two months and even two weeks ago we could never guess we would all be asked to work from home in the face of a global pandemic and before things get better we are told that they will surely only get worse first! Never has working from home been mandatory for the masses, this means how we go about our normal, usual daily routine has fundamentally been changed not by choice but by direction from the powers that be and our employers are forced to accept this.

It does not mean that everything has to stop as we have great tools to support us and in fact, many of us who are able to work from home will find as we are more productive not having the daily slog into the office, where distractions are abundant. Those of us in sales find many days where working from home is where we can catch up from the hours lost travelling on public transport or in the car.

Along with Skype/Teams, Webex/GoToMeeting, Outlook and the many other tools at our disposal we must also give our customers the tools with which we can engage with them, and for print – Web2Print is the ideal solution allowing print orders to be created, edited and ordered into production. If customers can utilise the internet for work, then they can process print orders to support their business (or personal) functions. Everything from sales proposals to mailings, brochures to posters can be managed remotely and distributed as and where needed.

No one can say how long the current pandemic will last, but we can expect weeks going into months and it is anyone’s guess how the U.K. economy will recover. Still, we do know that online growth, the migration of conventional ordering will continue to and most likely this will only be expedited as we are stuck indoors but retain the need to purchase “stuff”! January 2020 saw a 4.9% increase from January 2019 and collectively online sales represents 19% of U.K. purchases with strong growth while conventional purchasing is being decimated. Within the next few years 53% of purchases will be online. B2B purchasing remains strong with purchasing platforms like Coupa, SAP Ariba, Oracle being well-grounded platforms giving CPO’s the insight they need to guide their organisations with solid purchasing.

For our industry Web2Print truly compliments this allowing by any user to access any print job and submit into any workflow anywhere, in any language. Commercial print compliments and embraces the online growth ahead of us. While we are forced to work from home we can still order online and hopefully work our way into a better environment for all once the crisis has passed.

Figures stated ONS.GUV

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