FREE Online strategy Check from Vpress

As part of our efforts to help in these difficult times, Vpress are putting our twenty years’ experience and vast technical resource to helping those within the print and marketing communications sectors in need. This week we have launched our FREE online strategy check which involves an audit of where a business is now, what they can do to seek out new and optimise existing online trade and promote their business. Different ways they can embrace change and who they need to talk to in order to proceed. This is all done with no cost or obligation, Vpress are to bear the cost of this service as part of our “putting something back” into the market.

What is involved
  • 1 Hour consultation done remotely (pre-booked time slot)
  • Four-page report giving you an audit of where you are and what you can do to move forward securing new opportunities and tying in existing business, a brief analysis of your market and exposure online
  • Ten step strategy programme to define ways that could enhance your business and prepare you for the online market, some of these actions can be implemented now!
  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to give you confidence and peace of mind. Standard 2yr mutual agreement so that everything shared remains confidential

Who is this for, anyone within the print, creative and corporate sectors who needs some form help that fits what we can offer by way of advice. Not just U.K. but globally and we will extend our offer to two hours for companies effected in hard-hit areas by the Corvid-19 (Italy), however, the service and post supporting documentation will be in English!

Should you need any more information or to register for this amazing offer, please fill in the form below.

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