Introducing Dynamic Editor 4.0 Vpress’ most powerful and user-friendly editor ever.

This latest release of the Coreprint editor has been built using the very latest technologies to deliver unrivalled personalisation and brand management capabilities in an easy to use and intuitive way. Whilst it delivers unparalleled levels of performance and creativity for the user, it still conforms to a definable brand control framework.

Built from the ground up using the latest technologies, it’s available across multiple devices and browsers and ensures availability anytime, anywhere. From your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, our class-leading technologies ensure you can access with just a browser and an internet connection. No downloads, no plugins, and everything is saved securely in the cloud.

If you are a new b2b user you can let the Dynamic Editor 4.0 guide you step by step through all the variables and options available, so that you have the confidence you have everything covered before ordering.  If you are an experienced b2b corporate user, go direct to the content you wish to change, edit live in the proof, then checkout. It’s quick and simple.

Dynamic Editor 4.0 is live, dynamic and efficient, improving the overall appearance of the design work, but without compromising on product quality or brand integrity. Templates can be put together very quickly and easily, enabling the user’s creative control to be completely configured as part of a simple setup.

Dynamic Editor 4.0 has a seamless integration to the existing Coreprint system including the Coreprint DAM, where users can search, select, crop and even set opacity of curated and approved images. So you do not need to be concerned about the image quality if they are out of date or any copyright infringement. Not only the DAM but you still have all the features of Coreprint available such as Authorisations, Credits and integrations to MIS (Management Information System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and production workflow systems.

It’s not only the templates that are dynamic but also the user interface. To improve the user experience and journey, the layout of the screen is also dynamic based on user preferences, device type and template content. No complex building, maintaining and assigning different menus or workspaces to individual templates.

Feature Summary
  • Live document editing in browser with no plugins required
  • Object by object control of fonts, movement, pallet and more to ensure everything is on brand
  • Dynamic UI (User Interface) to keep the user experience clean and easy to use
  • Advanced or Guided Mode depending on user experience
  • Mobile and desktop responsive so you can use it anytime, anywhere
  • Full integrated into Coreprint system

Dynamic Editor 4.0