It has been described as a ‘revelation’ and a ‘game changer’ for B2C Web2Print

Vpress are excited to announce the release of a genuine industry first: a B2C solution dedicated to the most powerful and widely used web platform in the world.

The Coreprint WooCommerce Plugin from Vpress brings the power of Coreprint to the WordPress platform. If you need a B2C solution that generates print ready files through templated designs and already have your own WordPress site, then this is the solution you have been waiting for.

WooCommerce is the most customisable and widely used B2C solution in the world and now the Coreprint WooCommerce plugin will add unlimited personalisation opportunities of any product for anyone who visits your shop (B2C or B2B).

Amelia Hastings, Marketing and Communications Officer at Vpress commented ‘Through the new WooCommerce plugin, customers can create their own unique and attractive sites. The plugin integrates directly with Coreprint, providing additional abilities to submit these orders complete with print ready PDFs seamlessly to almost any MIS or Workflow. Their site can have all the functionality and features with a fresh look using WordPress Themes too. It’s a revolutionary tool for those who can manage a WordPress site, but are not software developers themselves.’

The new plugin sits perfectly within the current Vpress offerings for user interaction with the system. The native Aspire Web2Print application is perfect for quick client branded deployments of sites for those who can change the user interface using the inbuilt Coreprint Theme tool. The Coreprint API allows software development teams to build completely bespoke solutions with full control of the functionality within the system. The Coreprint WooCommerce Plugin now adds the middle ground, where Administrators of WordPress/WooCommerce can now access the power of Coreprint easily and cost effectively.

The Web2Print market for print providers who wish to reach the consumer directly has been filled with limited functionality and identikit storefronts. Printers can now distinguish themselves and their websites with Vpress’s B2C Solution.

Kelvin Bell, Sales Director at Vpress says: “What we have done here is release a highly personalised, quick to deploy and cost-effective solution to a market where there really is nothing to compare, usually these types of solutions were £10k upwards whereas now they are a fraction of the cost. Any print provider or customer can implement a solution to personalise anything into any production Workflow, it really is unique.”

Those interested in the solution can request more information and a demonstration here.

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