Organised by The Printing Charity, Vpress’ Tim Cox was invited to join the discussion surrounding apprenticeships in the printing industry this month. Sitting at the same table as the duke, discussions were centred on employers and their apprentices, who already train at Hackney Community College, where this event was held.

The Printing Charity provides a range of support and assistance for individuals across the printing industry and allied trades and actively encourages apprenticeships, of which Vpress also endorse, having employed recently an individual, whom started at Vpress as an apprentice.

The duke is committed to encouraging organisations of all kinds to consider supporting, or increasing their support for, apprenticeships. His royal highness said, ‘In an industry that is rapidly changing in technology, the print industry has changed beyond all recognition but still needs skills.’

Companies represented at the event included the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF), Proskills UK, and the St Bride Foundation as well as Vpress.

Chief executive of The Printing Charity, Stephen Gilbert, said, ‘We have a long history of providing financial and practical help to individuals associated with the printing trade. It is vitally important that the industry looks forward to its future, and we firmly believe that encouraging and supporting apprenticeships is key to the success of the UK printing industry. We are very grateful to have the support of His Royal Highness in this venture.’

Tim Cox, Vpress’ MD stated, ‘It was a genuine honour to be invited to the event and as avid supporters of the apprenticeship schemes in the printing industries, it was a pertinent and informative event with much discussion to support those looking to get into the industry.’