On the 25th January, Vpress and Precision Printing held the first Masterclass of the year for a range of professionals within the printing industry. The event took part at Precision Printing’s brand new production site in Dagenham, called ‘Tomorrow’s Printing for Today’s Print Buyer’. The aim of the class was to introduce, elaborate and discuss processes within printing and print procurement. Automation is not just machines; there is also systems to consider, and we wanted to demonstrate that to the audience. The technology mentioned isn’t just speculation. It is already in use globally.

Attendees enjoyed a warm welcome and introduction from Precision Printing’s CEO Gary Peeling before the talks started, including a great interactive speech and roleplay determining how our industry works from printers to print buyers and end-users.

Next, we saw Marcus Clifford from BPIF deliver the latest figures about the printing industry with some very encouraging news. We then saw Vpress MD discuss software and technology that is at the front of developer’s minds at the moment. And some correct business practises that are needed in its adoption.

We then took a tour of Precision’s fantastic new facility – taking all 55,000 square feet of the production site. Gary then took a moment to explain about how automation and how it can deliver higher margins, growth and scalability in a business and the journey Precision took to get to where they are now.

Finally, we finished with a talk from Vpress’s Sales Director, Kelvin Bell and his introduction as to how print buying has changed and needs within an organisation regarding their procurement. This talk came about after many conversations with Print Buyers over the years enforced by the findings of the BPIF of the profile of the new print buyer within the U.K.

The event was a big success, with some great feedback afterwards.

It ties into our belief that smaller, more intimate events are becoming more effective than the larger trade shows which were greatly disappointing in 2018. While we most likely will still hold a presence at these events, we believe that more intimate surroundings and longer, more involved conversations where all parties can learn a lot from one another will be a key part at least in 2018.