A flexible suite of services to print what matters

Coreprint is a proven Web2Print solution used by clients across the world to process thousands of orders every day.

We help you set up templates for every item you need to print, that can then be accessed by users online. All the templates are ready for print and can be fed directly to press, substantially cutting your production costs.

Instead of the need for traditional repeated artwork development and typesetting, you save money and time, as Coreprint allows you to:

  • Review documents quickly and easily
  • Manage everything from ads to direct mail with variable data
  • Ensure all your print follows brand guidelines
  • No need for designers, software or technical training
  • Fully transparent process, with full Management Information.

For the complete professional – CoreprintPro

Perhaps you’re making your first venture into Web2Print or you may well be an old hand looking to migrate to a more self-sufficient operation. Either way, CoreprintPro enables you to take full control of the creation and ongoing management of templates hosted on the Coreprint solution.

With the ability to create and manage unlimited client catalogues or portals containing as many stock or variable product templates CoreprintPro is the ultimate in simplistic yet expansive Web2Print.

As part of a CoreprintPro purchase, your team will recieve a day’s comprehensive training at Vpress’ Cheltenham HQ, after which you or your team will be able to operate independently in the creation and ongoing management of all aspects of your own ‘cloud based’ web2print solution.

A modular approach to meet any printing need

Coreprint’s additional modules mean you can expand the system as and when you or your customer would like.

In creating bolt on modules that enhance the functionality of the already powerful Coreprint technology, you are able to grow the system to suit the demands of your customers and your budget.

Outside of the modules already available; Vpress regularly manage integration requests with third party MIS (Management Information Systems), accounts and ERP solutions as well as the development of additional modules and bespoke tools for clients. Please do not hesitate to ask for further information about our integration capabilities.

  • Review documents quickly and easily
  • Manage everything from ads to direct mail with variable data
  • Ensure all your print follows brand guidelines
  • No need for designers, software or technical training
  • Fully transparent process, with full Management Information.

Variable data needn’t be complicated with Coredirect

When you or your customers require more than the ability to create one document or have a need to create variable items, Coredirect is a cost effective and comprehensive VDP (Variable Data Printing) answer.

Securing brand and content without the need for expensive variable data software, Coredirect offers the user an intuitive solution for creating anything from a simple variable product to a highly personalised marketing campaign.

How does it work?

  • Select the desired product for VDP
  • Upload your spread sheet directly or select predefined spreadsheet from CoreDAM library
  • The data (spread sheet) is automatically validated, with errors reported, to enable fixes to be actioned if necessary
  • If files pass the validation stage they are automatically created and ready to be proofed or printed
  • Output can be determined by the printer, either as one or multiple PDFs

Streamlining your estimating / quotation service

Catering for those one off or new jobs that aren’t offered as stock items or variable templates within your Web2Print portal. CoreRFQ allows you to completely configure an interactive job ticket/specification and submission facility.

Artwork can be uploaded by the user or supplier, as required, which can then be delivered directly into production when go ahead is given.

It is frequently utilised to manage the tender scenario, communicating with and assembling submitted pricing from external suppliers or internal costs centres. Core RFQ offers complete management of the submitted print job across multiple suppliers or production areas.

With integration, CoreRFQ can operate with live pricing, stock and collateral from any third party MIS (management information system) making the process truly cohesive with your internal systems… once again saving double keying, time and money.

Encouraging sales and rewarding orders

Ideal for any printer, print manager, franchise or network marketing business, or simply for an organisation looking to offer an “incentive and reward” scheme within their marketing or print portal.

Coreincentive offer credits or points to suit your chosen ‘currency’, allocate points/credits against the products being ordered; encouraging clients to return and redeem accumulated credits against purchases.

Beyond this it offers the added benefit of having the ability to create ‘on the fly’ unique vouchers offering percentage or financial discounts that could be used beyond your print & marketing portal to encourage your clients’ clients or new customers to participate in your scheme and benefit from its incentives.

Web2Print without boundaries

Perhaps you or your customers have specific requirements that you need to control, or you want to keep using your own established e-commerce site. Alternatively you may be finding that the GUI / interface doesn’t meet your exact business requirements.

Whatever the situation, our comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface) enables you to create a completely unique interface, using any web language, web framework or e-commerce tool.

Simply link the Coreprint engine as a whole, or just the component or function you need into your desired web shop or entity.

You are free to create a bespoke interface yourself, or the Vpress professional services team can do it for you, whichever you prefer.