How print can help with lead generation and customer acquisition.

Web2Print: Making Print where there was none

Print is better for customer acquisition than without it. You don’t even have to just take our word for it. The Market Reach team at Royal Mail have released a series of reports that have some great insights into how mail performs as a customer acquisition tool ( These guys also provide you with lots of helpful information to help you win deals with customers, so they are worth looking at.

Print can deliver 1:1 marketing in a way that’s much more personal than digital, making it feel more exclusive and giving a better experience to the recipient. With Augmented Reality you can now engage people like never before, capturing their details before they find out if they’ve won a competition or if they want a free personalised gift for example. The personalised gift could be something physical like a mug, or a t-shirt, but could also be something as simple as an image with their name on it.

According to Royal Mail, combing print with digital can increase website visits by 13% and redemptions of offers by 35%. What’s even more interesting is that 27% of people bought something as a result of a personalised direct mail, far higher than other channels.

Web2Print makes it really easy for companies to offer personalised print in direct mail, but also personalised print products that can be ordered online. Combining the two is pretty powerful, you use the personalised print to capture their attention, and you can offer them something personalised as a free gift to get them to engage with you. All automated, and all very easy to scale across large volumes.

Ultimately print has better perceived authority than digital, lasts longer (the average lifespan of a piece of print in the home is 45 days), and gives your brand a tangibility in the hands of the consumer. This is one of the reasons that Sky is the biggest purchaser of print in the UK, it STILL proves to be a winner when it comes to converting customers.