You’ve done your planning and understand that Web2Print is a good solution for your business. Maybe you’ve even selected a supplier and are beginning implementation.

The next step is ensuring staff and customers take that journey with you.

What information should you be conveying to your customers, to get them on board and into the 21st century? The benefits of Web2Print are many, although not all of the benefits will apply to all of your customers. This means you’ll need to prepare your sales team thoroughly, and give them the information and tools needed to effectively communicate the advantages, and to understand which customers will benefit the most from the investment.

Preparing for a new way of hunting.

Get the team together and educate, educate, educate. There’s lots of great information available online to help, as well as help offered by a multitude of ‘specialist’ consultants, but don’t forget the suppliers of these technologies. Although there are still many companies happy to simply ‘sell’ you their software and the ‘dream’, there are a few who take a more nurturing approach to your purchase and companies future growth in this area.

Educating the team en masse is less time consuming than training in smaller groups, plus you get the added benefit of your company’s more seasoned sales professionals guiding those less experienced. Remember to cover off the benefits of the Web2Print platform being purchased, how to best communicate its benefits to your customers and of course how your Web2Print offering can help your customer differentiate themselves from their competitors. Win/win.

Summarise the key features of your web2print platform and prepare some tailored responses, explaining how particular features will work for different types of customers and what related benefits will appear off the back of that. Breakdown the relevant ROI (Return on Investment) model, demonstrate to customers what returns they are likely to see over time. Again, the supplier of the technology should be able to help you with this. However at all times avoid overcomplicating the explanation, your customer won’t appreciate the technicalities any more than they really need to know the complexities of your colour management software or RIP functionality…

Speaking with your customers

Explain your company’s investment into automation and online technologies and how they have benefited your customers and company (provide some examples, your technology provider should be able to give you some pointers) to better support and benefit your customers.

Offer to help by showing them that you are considering a number of areas of efficiency within your business,  and would appreciate an opportunity to investigate further into areas of mutual benefit from shared processes. Everyone likes the idea of saving a few pounds.

Ask to speak with their system administrator about the possibility of automating connections with your systems – giving your customer more transparency of orders as well as more tangible savings in waste levels, time and money.

Show how you can provide education to your customer in understanding the benefits of Web2Print. This could be in the form of a series of meetings with their teams, management and if appropriate even with another of your customers that has successfully integrated their systems, along with a Web2Print platform. Education can if required also be provided in the more structured form of training days although from experience the Web2Print platform should be intuitive enough to not need training!

Wrap up by reaffirming all the much discussed benefits to companies using Web2Print platforms. Don’t simply do this once, continue to offer your client new approaches and encourage them to increase their own revenues by diversifying their core offerings and expanding it into other areas of their company that may want nothing more than access to a library of images in a DAM (Digital Asset Management) or even more simple stock management of printed and non printed collateral. So much is possible with Web2Print, the more you can guide the customer, the better the benefits they will see.

Not only will you be more likely to engage your customer with a Web2Print solution, having these types of discussions elevates you from a “supplier” to a “trusted partner” and helps build customer loyalty longer term. As a by product of an exercise like this you will also gather a wealth of information about their business, which you can use to tailor and recommend products and services in the future.


Tim Cox – Managing Director, Vpress Ltd.

This article is part of our web2print advice series: Ensuring it’s a great investment for your print business.