Clicks Digital Solutions have had a truly successful year and are making huge investments for the future. With the recent purchase of the Lumejet S200 printer, they are now looking to create their own web2print solution using the robust and expansive Coreprint engine from Vpress and using the design capabilities of Real Ripple.

Alan Rigglesford, Managing Director of Clicks Digital Solutions signed the deal with Vpress at the recent London Calling Without Limits show in October. Kelvin was there to sign the deal and stated, ‘We are really pleased that Alan has decided to implement the fairly new Web Services module that Vpress offer. This essentially means that Clicks will be able to use the market leading Coreprint engine, with all of its capabilities, but will be able to design the solution to suit their or their clients’ brand. In effect, they will be creating their own web2print solution to offer to their clients.’

Vpress’ Web Services module allows printers to offer end users a bespoke designed and highly customised web portal to order print, edit templates, and even manage elements of the marketing activity, all within one interface. Real Ripple, as a printing industry specialist marketing agency, will be offering their services for the creation of bespoke interfaces for web2print. Real Ripple offers this service, always using the Coreprint API, which is provided by Vpress. As Paul Warren, MD of Digital Solutions at Real Ripple explains; “We work with Vpress to offer a truly unique solution to ambitious and forward thinking printers. Coreprint is a fantastically diverse, stable and scalable solution for web2print, whether you’re entering this area for the first time, or you’re a printer who has been offering this for some time, what we do in conjunction with Vpress, is apply an engaging interface which undoubtedly is a must for both clients and end user experience.

Kelvin Bell, e-Commerce Director at Vpress continues, ‘There is no limit to what can be developed for your clients, designed around specific brands and built to client requirements, as a print provider this means that you will have the ultimate level of client lock-in and retention.’